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Port Resource Management System (PRMS)

In today’s competitive market, port resource management is becoming an increasingly complex and time-consuming task. Skillful manipulation of finances, equipment and manpower (money, man and machine) is essential to the success of a port operator.

The PRMS was designed to provide :
  • an efficient and effective resources inventory
  • information on equipment/tool availability
  • manpower allocation
  • manpower utilization
  • vessel services requisition
  • workshop activities
  • employee/contractor payroll processing

PRMS also track and manages information on mechanical stores operation, rigger operations and supplies provided to vessels.


  • Rigger Operation System
  • Mechanical Services System
  • Manpower Allocation System
  • Payroll System
  • Stock Inventory System
  • Marine Operation System
  • Misc. Services System
  • Security System
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