Application Service Provider (ASP)

The Benefits of using ASP services include :

Quick Deployment

The Lighthouse ASP model reduces the time required for implementation and integration. In certain instances where the appropriate infrastructure is in place, applications can be installed and run in just a few minutes.

Minimal Costs

Clients do not own the applications, and even software management cost are reduced as we are able to spread our fixed costs across a number of clients.

Instant Network

Lighthouse ASP applications can be accessed over the Internet or through the client’s own intranet. For companies that do not have network assets and system resources, the ASP option provides a compelling reason for deploying web-based applications via the ASP model.

Reduced Management Tasks

We will handle system maintenance tasks, including back-up and recovery, upgrades, network management and user additions and deletions. The task of finding and maintaining skilled IT personnel will predominantly be taken over by Lighthouse.

Less Risks

We will assume the cost of capital expenditure on software, hardware and IT personnel, allowing the client to predict with more certainty, the level of future IT expenditure. Risks concerning loss or damage to the software or hardware is also borne by Lighthouse.