About Us

Lighthouse Technologies Sdn Bhd is a company that develops, provides and manages computerized applications for maritime port operators and its related trading and port user community. Incorporated in June 2000, the company is affiliated to the Malitnet/Microlink group of companies in Malaysia, renowned for developing computerized port-related applications since 1985. We were awarded MSC-status in the year 2000 and to date, it has a paid-up capital of USD 2 million. Having grown in both financial and technical performance, it is set to be a public-listed company in Malaysia by 2002.

Our Product (IPMS)

Integrated Ports Management System (IPMS) is a suite of products that enables maritime ports to manage their daily business operations. This unique system has incorporated all the major business processes in a maritime port. The IPMS consist of six major components.

Our Services


Computerized port-related applications


Software products via Application Service Provider (ASP) business model


Port-related trading community

Why We’re Different

Our very mission is to be the best, and this drive for excellence is what propels us forward.

Our customers consider us the premier provider in our areas of expertise because:

  • We believe safety is non-negotiable.
  • We hire only the best people, then empower them to do great work.
  • Our experts are closely aligned, bringing synergy to every project.
  • We create true partnerships with our customers by understanding their needs. The more we know about our customer and what is important to their operations, the more value we can add to the relationship by exceeding expectations.
  • Our pursuit of excellence is tireless. We will never stop striving to get better at what we do.